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Penpals by Occupation
[ a high school student!] [ assistant ] [ Business woman] [ construction technician] [ Customer Service] [ Disabled ] [ engineer] [ hotel] [ HVAC mechanic/installer] [ i am homeschooled] [ martial artist] [ military service] [ None yet] [ primaty school director ] [ retired art teacher] [ student] [ Texas Roadhouse] [ Waitress] [Сту ] [пре ] [про ] [学生] [드러머] [(Maternity Leave)] [*Confidential*] [-] [---] [.] [...] [...........] [3D Artist] [911 Dispatcher] [:)] [:)fun worker ] [@ABookstore] [A Big Sister] [a developer] [A doctor] [a freelance worker] [A GARDENER] [A medical radiographer] [A middle school student] [A missionary/pastor] [A mom] [A Nurse] [A retired electrician] [a seller] [A Social Worker ] [A stay at home mother ] [A student] [A student in school.] [A teacher] [a writer and sport consul] [Abogada] [Accounatant] [Account Admin Rep] [account officer] [Accountant] [Accountant/Writer] [Accounting ] [accounting /dance teacher] [accounting assistant] [accounting client] [accounting student] [Accounts Admin] [accounts assistant] [Accounts manager] [Acting] [Actor] [Actor at a haunted trail] [Actor/ business] [actor/moviemaker] [actor/writer/comedienne] [Actress and 3D fashion de] [admin] [Admin and research] [Admin and sales] [Admin Assistant] [admin assitant] [Admin Officer] [Admin, Student] [admin-clerk] [Administradora de empresa] [Administration] [Administration - Medical] [Administration Assistant] [Administration at hospita] [Administration clerk] [Administration worker] [Administration/Teacher] [Administrative] [Administrative assistant] [Administrative Medical As] [Administrative Secretary] [Administrative Support] [administrative worker ] [Administrator] [AdminsitrationCoordinator] [Adminstration] [admistrator] [Adoptions Specialist] [Adult Literacy Director] [Advertising] [Advisor] [Aeronautical Engineer] [after school child card] [Aged Care Residents] [agent bureautique] [Agricultural ] [Agricultural/ Biotech. en] [Agriculture] [Agriculture officer ] [Agriculture public organi] [Agriculture/business] [Agriculturist] [agronomist] [Aide at Head Start] [Aint got one] [Air Force] [Air ops/nurse/dogsbody/] [Aircraft Dispatcher] [Aircraft Engineer] [aircraft fabricator ] [Aircraft Mechanic] [airline] [Airline Industry] [airtraffic control] [All about books] [all trades] [Almost agrotechnic] [Am a fashion designer, ] [Am A Painter And Cleaning] [am a student] [Am a teacher& a student ] [amazon] [Analyst] [Anglican Priest] [Animal Care] [Animal Care/Student] [animal charity worker] [animal doctor] [animal rescue manager] [animal rescue volunteer] [Animatin/Design Student] [animation] [Animation Student] [Animator] [Any] [Arbeitslos :D] [Arbys] [architect] [Architectural Designer] [Architectural Drafter] [Architectural Draughtsman] [Architecture student] [Army] [Army cadet Force ] [army officer] [art] [Art Disigner] [Art student] [Art teacher] [Arthur] [artist] [Artist / Graphic Designer] [Artist and Designer] [Artist, Web designer] [artist, writer] [Artist,, kinda :)] [Artist/Fish farmer] [Artist/Writer] [artiste] [arts] [ask me] [ask me i will tell you ] [ASL ] [Aspiring Author] [Aspiring writer] [Aspiring writer !] [Assembly ] [Asset Officer] [Assets n Projects Managem] [Assistant apartment manag] [Assistant Designer] [Assistant Director] [Assistant Engineer ] [Assistant Hygienist ] [Assistant Librarian] [Assistant Manager] [Assistant Supervisor] [Assistant Teacher] [associate ] [Associate professor ] [Asst. Managet] [Asst.Teacher] [at a zoo all summer] [at home] [at school/horse trainer] [At the moment, none] [attendant] [Attending school] [Attorney/Lawyer] [Au Pair and student] [Auditing] [Author] [Author (Published)] [author..] [Author/Disabled] [auto mechanic] [Auto parts] [Automobile Engineer] [Automotive engineer ] [Automotive industry] [aviation advisor ] [Avon ] [Awesome human and student] [b/man] [baber] [Baby sit ] [Baby sitter] [Babysitter] [Babysitter/caregiver] [babysitter/coatroom job] [Babysitting ] [Babysitting full time ] [bagger] [Baker] [Bakery assistant] [Bakery worker] [balloon artist ] [band ] [bank] [Bank auditor] [Bank Clerk] [bank manager] [Bank Trainer ] [BANKER] [Banking ] [bar work] [Barber] [Barista] [Barista Intern] [Barista/Student] [Bartender] [Bartender/ Student] [BB&T ] [Beautician] [Beauty massage therapist ] [Beauty Therapist] [Behavior Aide] [Behavioral Health] [Being a Man] [Being a mom] [Being a teenager] [Being with friends ] [Between Jobs] [Billing administrative] [Bio chemist ] [Biomedical engineer] [Biopsychology Student] [Biulding contractor] [biz] [blogger] [Blogger, Fitgirl :)] [Bodyguard/Uni student] [bodywork] [Book Author and Publisher] [Book keeping] [Book reviewer ] [Bookkeeper ] [Bookseller] [Brand Ambassador ] [Brand Promoter] [Brand Protection] [Brazil] [Brick Mason] [bro none ] [Broadcast Editor] [Broadcaster] [Builder ] [Building Design and Draft] [Building Technician] [Buisiness owner/artist] [Buisness executive] [Buisness Man ] [bum] [Bus driver ] [Bus Operator ] [busgirl at chinese diner ] [Busines] [business] [business administration] [Business Analyst] [Business and Teacher] [Business Consultant] [Business Consulting] [Business Development] [Business Development Off.] [business lady] [Business man] [business manager] [business owner] [Business Person] [business woman] [Business woman/blogging] [business woner] [business,student] [Businessman] [Businessman(Gold Trader) ] [Businesswoman] [busness man] [Bussines] [bussiness] [bussiness man] [Butchery blockma] [buyer for offshore rigs] [C.N.A.] [cad drafting] [call center] [Canon Digital Tech] [Captain] [Care giver] [Care support worker ] [care worker] [caregiver] [Caregiver for the elderly] [caregiver to the disabled] [Carer] [Carer for children ] [Carer for disabled son] [Carer for my wife] [Carer for nurse plus.] [carer/unemployed] [Caretaker] [Carpenter ] [Cartographer] [Cartoonist] [Case Manager] [Cashier] [Cashier and College ] [Cashier at a pet store] [Cashier at Walmart] [Casual] [cat mom :D] [Category Manager] [caterer] [catering assistant] [Catering services. ] [Central Banker] [CEO] [Certified Nurses Aide] [Certified Nursing Aide] [Certified Pharmacy Tech] [Charity manager] [charity shop assistant] [charity work] [chauffer ] [cheerleading , arts] [chef] [Chef and bassist] [chemical engineer] [Chemist] [Chick-Fil-A Employee ] [Chief Personnel Clerk] [Child Care] [Child Protection Officer] [Childcare Educator] [Childcare Teacher] [childcare worker] [Childcare worker (student] [Childcare, crew member] [Childrens gymnastic coach] [Childrenís nurse ] [Chilling out] [christian lifestyle] [Church planter] [Circus Performer] [Civil Draftsman] [Civil engineer] [Civil Engineering] [civil officer] [civil savant] [Civil servant] [classical ballet] [clean office] [Cleaner] [Cleaning] [Cleaning office buildings] [clearing agent] [clergyman ] [Clerical] [Clerical admin ] [clerical officer] [clerk] [Clerk/admin] [Client contact] [clinical chemist] [Clinical medical assistan] [Clinical Officer] [clinician] [Cna ] [CNA and Home Health Aid] [Cna/beautician ] [Co-Assistant Doctor] [Coach & Sports Adm.] [Cocktail waitress] [coffee shop] [Coffeeee.] [collage] [Collage student] [Collection Agent] [Collector] [College ] [college prep] [College Student] [college student!] [College student, CNA] [College student, other] [college teacher] [College/Fashion designer] [Communications Consultant] [Communications officer] [Communications Specialist] [Community Planner] [Community Social worker] [Company director] [company manager] [Company Owner] [Complaint Agent] [Compliance Administrator] [Compliance Auditor] [computer ] [computer assstant] [Computer Engineer] [Computer geek] [computer operator] [Computer oprator] [computer programmer] [computer related] [computer researcher ] [Computer science] [Computer science student ] [Computer Scientist] [Computer stu] [Computer Tech] [Computer Tech.] [computer technician] [computer, music, drawing,] [Computers] [Concept art student] [Concrete porter] [Conservation Management] [construction] [construction contractor] [construction cum driver] [Construction Engineer ] [construction manager] [construction n driver] [Construction supervisor ] [Construction/Teaching Ind] [consultancy] [Consultant] [CONSULTANTS] [Consulting ] [Contact centre agent] [content creator] [contractor] [Contractor/Architect ] [Cook] [Cook & waitress] [cook/server] [cookbookwriter to be] [cooker] [Cooking, writing] [cool gamer] [Coordinator] [Copier Technician] [Corporate Event Managemen] [Corporate sales] [Correctional Officer] [Correctional/Prison Offic] [Cosmetic sales] [COSMETOLOGIST] [Cosmetology instructor] [Costume Designer] [Costume Designer/Artist] [Costume designing/ making] [COSTUMER SERVICE] [Counselor] [Courier] [Court recorder] [Crane operator] [Creative Director] [Creative Writer] [CrŤche teacher ] [credit executive ] [Crisis line volunteer] [cs major student] [CSR] [Currently Applying] [Currently disabled] [Currently in prison] [Currently looking for one] [Currently Unemployed] [cust service] [custmer service] [Custom Aerospace] [Customer Care advisor] [Customer Care Rep] [Customer Care Specialist] [Customer Relations] [Customer service ] [Customer Service Rep] [Customer Service rep.] [customer service/ retail] [Customer Service/Retail] [Customer Team Member] [Customs officer] [CYBER CAFE MANAGER] [Dad Caretaker ] [Dairy Clerk] [dairy farmer] [dance instructor] [Dancer] [Dancing and modeling ] [dancing teacher] [Data entry] [Data Entry Operator] [Data Processing ] [Data Specialist] [Data Trafficker] [Database Administrator ] [Databases] [day care] [Daycare] [Daycare aid ] [Daycare teacher] [Dealer in live games in a] [Deli clerk] [Deli clerk right now ] [Delivery Driver] [Dental assistant] [dental student] [Dental technician] [Dentist/Lecturer] [deputy director of custom] [Design] [designer] [Desk Clerk] [Diagnostician] [Dics joker as dj] [Diemaker ] [diesel mechanic] [Dietary Aid] [Dietary Aide] [Dietitian] [Digital Artist] [digital artist and writer] [diplomat] [Direct Support Profession] [Direct Support Staff] [Director] [Director NPO] [Director of Channeling ] [disabeled] [disabilities] [Disability pension] [Disability Support Worker] [Disable] [Disabled] [Disabled - surg tech] [Disabled and Housewife] [Disabled Mother] [Disabled veteran] [Disabled(can't work)] [Disabled, currently not w] [Disabled, previously ATM ] [disabled/retired] [DisabledStay-At-Home-Mom ] [diser] [dish washer ] [Dishwasher] [Disneyland] [Dispatcher ] [Dispatcher in ligestics] [Dispenser in pharmacy] [distributor] [District Youth Councilor] [distubion] [DJ] [Do not disclosed ] [doctor] [doctor and poet] [Dog groomer] [Dog sitter] [Dog Walker] [domestic electrician ] [domestic engineer] [Domestic Violence Shelter] [Don't have one] [Don't have one.] [Don'y have one yet :)] [Dont have a Job yet] [dont have one] [dont work] [Donít have] [Donít have a a job yet ] [Donít have one] [dormant Partner of firms] [drama student ] [Dreamer] [dressmaker] [Drillling Enginneer ] [Driver] [Driver.] [driving] [driving around] [DSP] [dunkin] [dying on the inside] [Early childhood education] [Early childhood educator] [Early Childhood Teacher] [Eatery business ( small )] [Economist] [ecpert] [Editor] [educarer and also still s] [Education] [Education Assistant] [Education/nurse ] [Educationist] [Educator] [EFL teacher, translator] [Egineer] [electrecian ] [Electrical] [electrical engineer] [Electrical Estimator] [electrical technician] [Electrican] [Electrician] [Electrician /small busine] [electrician at railway tr] [Electrician intraining] [Electricity] [Electrition] [Electronic] [electronics technician] [Elementary education ] [Elementary school teacher] [elementary- all subjects] [Emergency communications] [Emergency Nurse] [Emergency Room] [Emergency Room Scribe] [Emergency Services] [Emergency Services/SAR] [employed] [employee] [Employee Research Center] [Employer] [Empowerment Coach] [EMT] [EMT/Paramedic] [Energy work] [Engg student] [Engineer] [Engineer in construction ] [engineer, author] [Engineer,Sailor,Musician] [Engineer/ Web Designer] [engineer/pharmacist] [Engineer/Researcher] [Engineering] [Engineering Manager] [Engineering school] [Engineering student] [engineering/Finance] [Engineering/Tourism] [Enginieer] [English] [english language teacher] [English Language Tutor ] [English Student] [English teacher ] [English teacher / student] [English Tutor] [enjoyable.] [enrolled comprehensive nu] [Enrolled Nurse] [Enterpreneur] [Entertainer ] [Entrepreneur] [entrepreneur/cook] [ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATOR] [Environmental Scientist] [Environmental Service] [EPA field officer ] [Equine groom] [esa] [ESL teacher and nurse] [ESOL Teacher] [ESTATE AGENT] [Estudiante] [ťtudiant] [Evangelist/Administrator] [Event Planner] [Event Planning] [Events Assistant] [Exams supervisor ] [Executive] [Executive - Administratio] [Executive Assistant] [Executive manager ] [EXECUTIVE MANAGMENT] [Executive Officer] [Executive Paralegal] [Executive Protection] [Exotic Dancer] [Explorer] [Export manager] [export timber logs] [Facilities Management] [Factory ] [Factory Supervisor] [Factory worker] [famer] [Family ] [Farm Hand] [farm house own] [Farm owner] [farmer] [Farmer, cook] [Farmer/Chamber Director] [Farmer/comercial sales] [farming] [Fashion] [fashion designer] [fashion retailer] [Fast food] [fast food restaurants ] [Fast food worker] [Father] [faults coordinator] [fedex truck driver ] [Femme, ťtudiant de maman] [Film Tech/Artist] [Finance] [finance baking] [financial - Retired] [Financial analyst] [Financial Consultant] [Fine Artist] [Firefighter/AEMT] [Flight Attendant] [Flight Paramedic] [Flooring] [Flower farmer] [Flt driver] [Food atttendant] [food industry] [food prep at restaurant] [Food Scientist] [football] [football and volley ball] [Football Coach] [football scout] [Footballer] [force] [Ford cashier] [Foreman] [forest service co. Owner ] [Forester] [Forex day trader ] [forex trader] [Forklift driver /welder] [forklift operator] [former ESL teacher, RETIR] [Former military, now civi] [Former Paramedic and Navy] [Foster mom and Tutor] [Free Lancer computer Tech] [free life with reading.] [ process...] [Freelance] [Freelance author] [Freelance Graphic design] [freelance writer] [Freelance Writer/Petcare] [Freelancer ] [freelancer media] [Freelancer online] [Freight coordinator ] [french & English teacher] [French Teacher] [Front Desk Associate ] [Front Desk Clerk ] [froyo] [fuck all] [Full time Employed] [full time mom] [Full time mum] [Full time pastor ] [Full time school student!] [Full time student ] [Full-time student] [Fulltime mother] [Furloughed] [furniture mover] [game design student] [Game development] [Games Developer] [Gaming, travelling] [Gardener] [gardener and domestic hel] [GED, taking care of papa] [geek] [Gemcutter] [General] [general manager] [General Overseer(church)] [GEODETIC ENGINEER] [geůloga] [Geologist] [Geosciences ] [Geriatric Nurse] [German Tutor] [Gifted] [GIS Web Developer] [go to school ] [Going to school] [gov.t employee] [Goverment Servant] [Government] [Government Service] [government/military ] [govt] [Govt Employee] [Govt.Job] [Grade 2] [Graduate ] [graduate student] [Graduate student.] [grapgic artist] [Graphic Design] [Graphic Design,Ect,] [Graphic Designer] [graphic designing] [Grapics] [grocery manager] [Grocery store cashier] [grocery store checker] [guard] [Gymnasium] [gymnastics coach+teacher] [Gymnastics, soccer, track] [H&S] [Hair and Makeup] [Hair Cutter] [hair dressing ] [Hair dressing/Aromatherap] [Hair stylist] [Hair Sytlist/Mother] [hairdress] [Hairdresser] [hairdresser/ barber] [Hairstylist] [Handyman] [Hausfrau] [He manager] [Head of Human Resources ] [headteacher] [Health] [Health & Safety Tech] [health aide] [Health and safety] [Health Care] [Health Care Field] [Health care student ] [Health information worker] [Health Provider] [Health records cleark] [Healthcare ] [Healthcare Admin] [healthcare assistant] [Healthcare worker] [Hearing aid manufacturer] [Heating engineer ] [Hehdbd] [Helathcare] [HERBAL DOCTOR] [hh] [Hi my class good] [High school ] [high school ):] [High school :P] [High School Para] [High school senior studen] [High School Spanish class] [High School Student] [High School Student ˃] [high school teacher] [High School, NONE LMAO] [High School/Collage ] [High Shool Teacher] [High-school student] [High-shool student] [Highschool] [Highschool at the moment ] [Highschool graduate] [highschool lmao] [Highschool lmaoo] [highschool student ] [highschooler] [History] [History Teacher] [holistic healing] [home] [Home Baker/Entrepreneur] [home body] [Home Duties ] [Home Health Aide ] [Home Health Care] [Home Health caregiver] [Home Heath aid] [Home maker] [home mom] [Home-based ] [HomeBody] [homemaker] [Homemaker/self employed] [homeperson] [Homeschool] [homeworker] [Honemaker] [Horizontal & Directional ] [horse whisperer] [Horsefarmer] [Hospital Pharmacist] [hospital worker] [Hospitality] [Hospitality Manager] [Host(restaurant), Student] [hostel worker / student] [hostess at a restaurant ] [Hot topic ] [Hotel clerk ] [Hotel Guest Service] [hotel manager] [Hotelian] [House flipper ] [House wife] [housekeeper] [Housekeeping] [Houseperson] [housewife] [Housewife/ college studen] [housewife:)] [HR Advisor] [HR Consultancy] [HR Director] [HR Graduate] [HR Manager] [HR Officer] [HR Professional] [HR Specialist] [HRM] [Human Resources Manager] [Human Services] [humanitarian] [HVAC] [hygiene operative] [i get disability] [i am a computer scientist] [I am a student] [I am a student at uni.] [I am an public prosecuter] [I am an RN, BSN] [I am currently in college] [I am in school :D] [i dispatcher] [I do not need to work] [I don t have job] [I don't have a job.I'm 13] [I don't work] [I dont have a job] [I dont have one] [I dont work] [i donít have a job] [I donít have a job (yet)] [I donít have a job oop] [i donít have one] [I donít have one lol] [i go to highschool XD] [I go to school] [I have 3] [I have no job :)] [I have one] [I have three] [I just have a part time ] [I like creating some app] [i love playing video game] [I love stranger things] [i m a retiree] [I own small canteen busin] [I rather not say] [I run a steel company] [I serach] [I still go to school] [I wanna be a Criminologis] [I will tell in my emails] [i work at a candle store ] [i work at a coffee cart ] [I work at a Hamburger bar] [I work at a local bakery] [I work at a resort] [i work at a roller rink] [i work at a shop] [I work at a stable] [I work at lowes] [I work at Mcdonalds] [I work at Subway] [I work in a cabinet shop] [I work in a restaurant] [I work in fast food] [I work with children] [I would rather not say] [I'd rather not say] [I'm a college student ] [I'm a High School Student] [I'm a highschool student] [I'm a student] [I'm a student :)] [I'm a student.] [I'm a University student ] [I'm at school] [I'm broke] [I'm in a ged school] [I'm in a high school] [I'm in high school.] [I'm in school duh] [I'm looking for a job] [I'm only 14 😂] [I'm still in highschool] [i'm still in school] [I'm still student] [I'm still studying] [I'm student] [I'm student.] [I,am self employed.] [i.t] [I.T Expert] [I.T Technician] [Ice skating coach/ school] [Icecream maker] [ICT] [ICT Administrator] [Idk] [Illustrator ] [Im a college student] [Im a dance teacher ] [Im a full time student] [im a student] [Im a student 10th grade] [im moving ] [im still at school (T^T)] [Im still in school] [Im studying] [imma student] [immigration assistant ] [in an office ] [In College ] [In high school ] [in multinational Company] [in nursing school] [in prison] [in school ] [In the Government] [In Training] [Incarcerated] [Incarcerated Book Author] [incarcerated inmate] [Incarsarated] [Incaserated] [incercerated] [Industrial Cleaning] [infirmier ] [Informatics Student] [Informatics teacher] [Information technology ] [Inmate ] [Inmate # 1429245] [Inmate at Stateville ] [Instructor] [Instrument Technician] [Insurance / healthcare] [Insurance Agent] [Insurance handler] [Insurance Officer] [Insurance Underwriter] [Interior Design Student] [Interior Designer ] [Intern Architect ] [Internal Sales] [International Business] [International Studies] [International travelling ] [Interpreting] [Investigator] [Investment Banker ] [Investment banking] [investment manager] [investor] [IT] [IT / Computers] [IT Consultant ] [IT Consulting] [IT Coordinator] [IT Engineer] [IT Equipment supplier] [IT Expert] [IT FREELANCE PROJECT MANA] [IT Grad] [IT Hardware /Software Eng] [IT Presales] [IT Professional] [IT QA Analyst] [IT Specialist] [IT Support technician] [IT Technician] [IT/Computers] [ITAcademic Lyceum student] [Iím a Babysitter ] [Iím a college student ] [Iím a full time student ] [Iím a student ] [Iím Freshman] [Iím in high school] [Iím in school :)] [Iím still going to school] [Jack-of-all-trades] [jail] [Jake of all trades] [Janitor] [Janitorial Work] [Jcpennys ] [Jeweler] [Jewellery store] [Jewelry Store Owner] [Job] [Job seeker] [Job seeking ] [jobless] [Journalism student] [Journalist] [Journalist/singer/songwri] [Journaliste / teacher ] [Jr. Engineer] [Junior High School] [Junior high schooler] [Junior in High School] [Just a simple dork ] [Just completed university] [JUST GRADUATEDóno job yet] [Just some guy] [Just to have fun!!] [karate instructor] [Kids] [Kindergarten assistant] [Kindergarten Teacher] [kitchen chef] [Kitchen Assistant] [Kitchen hand] [Kitchen manager ] [Kitchen worker] [koch] [Krankenschwester] [Lab Assistant] [Labor] [Laborant ] [Laboratorist] [Laboratory] [laboratory technician] [Laborer] [Lady Military officer] [Land Agent] [Land Surveyor] [Landscaper/Student] [landscaping] [Language and culture] [Language teacher] [Lapidary] [Laser ooerator/welder] [Laundry] [Law] [Law clerk] [Law Enforcement ] [law enforcement field] [law firm data processor] [law secretary] [Law Student ] [Lawyer] [lawyer/computer scientist] [Learner] [Lease Coordinator] [Lecturer] [lecturer-researcher] [Lecturing] [legal] [Legal Assistant] [Legal Courier Service] [Legal expert] [legal practitioner ] [Legal/goverment] [LEGO Engineer Instructor] [Leisure manager] [Lemon heaven ] [LHS] [liberal] [Liberian assistant ] [Librarian] [Librarian in training] [Library] [Library Assistant] [librrarian] [life] [Lifegard/ high school ] [Lifeguard] [lighting designer] [LikE To MakE ArT !!!] [linguestic] [Linguistics teacher] [Linguistics/Literature ] [Liquor retail] [Literacy Worker] [Literature Student] [living in poetry] [Loader in a warehouse ] [Loading trucks ] [Local Government] [locked up at this moment ] [Locked-Up] [Logistical] [logistics] [lol iím 15 donít have one] [looking after animals] [Looking for a job] [Looking for new job now] [Looking for Now] [looking for work,have exp] [Looking for work...] [love] [Lover] [loving lady who is really] [Low level bullshit] [Luau dancer ] [LYRICIST] [machanical in the garage] [Machine Operator ] [Machinist] [Maersk Shipping Co.Ltd.] [Maintenance] [maintenance fitter] [Maintenance Man] [maintenance technician] [maintence] [make up artist] [Makeup Artist] [Making Ends Meet] [management] [management clerk] [Management Consultant] [Manager] [Manager Hey how's it goin] [Manager in Retail] [Manager, Technology] [Manager/Writer/Teacher] [Manger] [Manual Labor] [Manual labor landscape] [Manufacturing ] [Market Research Assistant] [marketer] [Marketing] [Marketing & a Mom ] [Marketing - Engineering ] [Marketing and Development] [Marketing Manager] [martial arts instructor] [Massage Therapist] [masseuse, self-employed] [master degree on civil en] [master in beauty] [master student] [Material handler] [Math] [math teacher] [Maths teacher] [mcdonalds] [mecanical engineer] [Mechanic] [mechanica engineer] [Mechanical] [mechanical draftsperson] [Mechanical engineer] [mechanical engineering] [Mechanical Engineering St] [Mechanical services ] [mechanisedfarmer,busines] [Media Executive] [MEDIA PERSONNEL] [Media Practitioner] [medic] [Medical] [Medical administration] [medical and self-employed] [Medical Assistant] [Medical biller] [Medical coder ] [Medical Doctor] [Medical field ] [Medical field. ] [Medical lab assistant ] [Medical Lab Science] [Medical laboratory techno] [Medical Marketer] [Medical Officer] [Medical orthopaedic docto] [medical personnel ] [Medical Profession] [Medical Receptionist] [Medical rep] [Medical Sales Manager ] [Medical Social Worker] [Medical Student] [Medical Surgeon] [Medication Technician] [meme lord ] [Mental health] [mental health counsellor] [Mental Health Counselor ] [Mental healthcare worker] [Mentor/Working with Dogs] [Merchandiser] [Metal fabricator, student] [Metal worker] [Metrologist] [middle school] [Middle School Student] [Military] [Military (future)] [MIlitary Activities] [Military Administrator ] [military designer mechani] [Military Ear Nose and Thr] [Military Officer] [Military personnel ] [militery] [Militray ] [Militry] [Millitary ] [mine] [Mining industry] [Minister of Religion ] [Ministry helper] [Mobile crane operator ] [mobile money agent] [Model] [Model/actor] [Modeling] [modelling] [Mom] [mom! teacher...] [mom, office manager] [Mom/Student] [Mortgage Agent] [Mother] [Mother, student] [Mother/Student] [Mother/Writer] [Motivational speaker ] [motor engineering ] [Motor Engneering] [Motor Vehicle Mechanic ] [motor vehicle technician ] [movie theater] [multi TV agent ] [multiple jobs] [Mum and McDonalds] [Museum Assistant] [Music] [music classes] [Music producer] [Music Teacher] [Music Video Director] [Musician] [Musician and Barista] [Musician and...] [Musician, teacher] [Musician/Pianist] [mwanafuzi] [My Blog - Ask For It!] [My job is to practice on ] [my moms shop] [n/a] [N/A (I'm in ninth grade)] [NA] [Nada bby] [Nail Tech] [Nail tech and beauty ther] [Nanny] [Natural Health] [Nepal] [Nessuno] [Network] [Network Engineer] [newspaper editor] [NHS] [Night Auditor] [ninja] [No] [no job] [No job (at the moment )] [no job currently] [no job student ] [no job yet] [no job,,,just a student] [non] [Non-Medical Caregiver] [None] [None at the moment ] [None currently] [None Iím 14] [None Iím 14 :)] [None want to be Vet] [None yet] [None, school.] [None. Disabled ] [None..sadly ] [None/incarcerated] [Not applicable] [Not Disclosed] [Not employed ] [Not Employed yet.] [Not important] [Not in work] [Not rlly sure] [Not working] [Not yet] [Not yet working ] [Nothing] [nothing at the moment] [Nothing at the moment..] [Nothing right now] [nothing right now :(] [nothing special yet] [Nothing yet] [Nothing, don't work...] [Nourse] [Novelist] [NOW RETIRED] [Number-related] [nures] [Nurse] [Nurse (retired)] [Nurse (for the elderly) ] [Nurse aider] [Nurse apprenticeship] [Nurse practitioner] [Nurse student] [Nursery practitioner] [Nursery worker] [nurseīs assistant] [Nursing] [Nursing Assistant] [nursing school] [Nursing school student] [Nursing Student] [Nursing student/assistant] [Nutritionist] [NVT] [observer] [office] [office (boring ;-)] [Office Administrator] [Office Assistant] [Office Assitant] [Office clerk ] [Office employee] [Office job] [Office management] [Office Manager] [office post] [Office suport assistant] [Office worker] [officejob] [officemanager] [officer] [officer worker] [Official work] [oil] [On disability] [on disabilty] [online business] [Online English teacher] [Only give out when asked ] [Open Mic Host] [Operating Engineer] [Operations Manager] [operations officer] [Operator ] [Orthodontic manager] [Orthopedic Surgeon] [OT student] [other] [otherr] [others] [Out in the community] [Overnight stocker] [Oversea Coordinator] [overseas worker] [Own business] [own bussiness] [own bussiness house decor] [PA] [Paint sprayer] [Painter ] [Paleontologist ] [Paraeducator ] [Paralegal] [Paralegal/Writer] [Paramedic ] [Park ranger] [Parole Illinois] [part time] [Part Time Bagger, Student] [part time tourguide ] [Part-time bakery worke] [Party Planner] [Pastor] [Pastor and Non-profit ] [Pastor and Youth Director] [Pastor/Teacher.] [Pastors] [Pastry Chef] [Patient care tech] [paying taxes & bills!] [Payroll Administrator] [Payroll Coordinator] [PCT Nurse] [peace corp] [Pediatric Emergency Nurse] [Peer Mentor] [Peer support worker] [Pelajar] [PENSIONER] [Persian teacher] [Personal assistant] [personal care assistant] [Personal Chef ] [Personal CNA] [Personal Shopper ] [Personal Support Worker] [Pet Groomer] [Petroleum Engineer ] [Petroleum Engineering ] [Pharmaceuticals ] [Pharmacist] [Pharmacist and MD student] [Pharmacy ] [Pharmacy Assistant ] [pharmacy student] [Pharmacy tech ] [Pharmacy technician ] [PhD Researcher] [PhD student] [philomath] [Phlebotomist] [phone seller] [photo and vedio edit] [photo lab techinican] [Photographer] [Photographer n actor] [Photography] [Photoshop and counselor] [Phsychiatric Nurse Assist] [physician ] [physician assist. student] [Physics student] [physiologist ] [Physiotherapist] [Physiotherapist and acupu] [Pilot] [Pilotin (Studentin)] [Pizza Maker] [Plant Protection Worker] [play worker] [Playing with my dog] [Please Ask] [Plumbing, Electrical. ] [poet/writer/guitarist] [Police Civil Servant] [Police Officer] [police officer.] [police woman] [Policing] [Politics] [Pools] [Post video production] [Potwash] [PR Manager] [practical nurse] [Prayer Warrior] [pre - university student] [Pre Admission Consultant] [preach and teach the word] [Preschool Teacher ] [Previous Physiotherapist] [Primary] [Primary school] [Primary school teacher] [primary section] [Primary teacher] [Print Production] [Print Specialist] [Printer,Machine minder] [printing] [Prison ] [Prison Inmate] [Prisoner] [Private] [Private caregiver/student] [Private carer] [private job As a Manager] [privet job] [Pro MUA and Colorist] [pro surfer] [Probation Officer] [Procurement and warehouse] [Procurement Executive] [procurement officer] [Production ] [production hand] [Production Line Worker] [Production worker] [profesional driver] [Professional ] [Professional (3 degrees)] [professional agriculture] [Professional DJ] [Professional Horse Traine] [professor] [professor of painting] [Proffessor] [Programmer] [Project coordinator] [Project Management] [Project Manager] [Promotions] [Property Analist] [Property Manager] [psychologist ] [Psychology Student] [Psychotherapist] [Public Health Nurse] [Public Relations ] [public servant] [Public Works Dept.] [Publishing Company ] [pupil ] [Purchasing ] [Purchasing Specialist ] [Purchasing Supervisor] [pursuing M.B.B.S course] [QC Control/Engineering ] [Quality Control] [Quality Engineer] [Quarter life crisis ] [Radio Announcer] [Radio broadcaster] [Radiologic Technologist] [Rather don't tell] [Rather not say] [Read books, write, play] [reading] [reading story books] [Reading, Oddities] [real estate] [real estate assistant ] [Realtor ] [Reaserche] [Recent college graduate ] [Recent Graduate ] [Reception] [Receptionist] [receptionnist] [records & archives manage] [Recreation ] [Recreation Director ] [Recreational] [Recruiter] [Recruitment] [Recycling] [Registered Nurse] [Regular work/single mom] [Relaitrt] [Relationship Therapist] [Religion] [Religious] [Rent Manager ] [Reseach Assistant] [Research] [Research Administration] [Research Assistant ] [Research Associate] [Researcher] [Residential Aide ] [Residential Worker ] [Resort/Travel] [Restaurant ] [Restaurant Manager] [Restaurant Worker] [restaurantur] [Restraunt team member] [retail] [Retail Associate for now] [Retail at clothing store] [Retail Management] [Retail Manager] [Retail Manger] [Retail Worker] [Retail.] [Retain] [Retire] [retired] [retired , ] [Retired Accountant] [Retired Architect] [retired auto worker] [Retired carpenter] [Retired Childrens Center] [RETIRED DRAFSMAN] [Retired due to illnesses] [retired freelance travel ] [Retired from work] [Retired from working] [Retired health-care provi] [retired military] [retired office worker ] [retired officer] [Retired Pedagogue] [retired police dispatcher] [Retired Police Officer] [retired psychologist ] [retired Registered Nurse] [retired science educator] [Retired superviser] [Retired Teacher] [Retired US Navy/Student] [Retired/ indep.contract.] [Retired/Carer] [retired/self employed] [retired73 y] [Retiree] [Retirement ] [Revenue collector] [Revenue officer] [reverend minister/student] [RN] [Road construction ] [Roof tiling] [roofing] [SAH and Homeschooling Mom] [SAHM] [SAHM on a farm :)] [Sailor] [Salad Bar Tender] [Sales] [Sales and marketing] [Sales assistant ] [Sales Associate ] [Sales Executive ] [Sales man] [Sales Manager] [Sales person] [Sales Rep] [Sales/Business] [saleslady] [Salesman ] [Saleswoman] [saloonist] [Satellite installer ] [Scaffolder ] [sch0ol] [Schook] [School ] [School :(] [school :)] [School :-)] [School and college] [School and Swimming] [School for ministry ] [school girl] [school idk] [School lol] [School police] [School student] [School!!] [School, babysitting] [School...?] [Schooler] [schoolgirl] [schooling] [schooling and pupils teac] [Schooling Dx] [Science teacher] [scientist] [SCM-Operations Specialist] [Searching for a job] [secondary] [secondary education] [secondary school] [secondary school student] [Secondary School Teacher] [Secret ] [secretary] [secretary / student ] [SECRETARY @ COMPUTER LAB ] [Secretary at a pipeyard] [Secretary/PA] [Secretary/student] [Security] [Security Att.] [security consultant ] [Security Controls] [security engineer ] [Security gaurd] [Security guard] [Security Manager] [Security officer] [Security Sentinel - NATO] [Seeking] [Self] [Self check out host] [Self employe] [Self employed] [self employed (cafe assis] [self employed (preacher)] [Self employed cleaning] [self employed gardener] [Self Employed in IT] [self employed support wor] [self employee] [Self employment] [Self Eployed] [Self manager ] [self-employed] [selfemployed] [selfemployment] [Sell handcrafted items.] [Sells representative] [semi retired] [semi retired MIS mgr] [semi-retired] [Seminary President/Pastor] [SEN Teaching Assistant] [Senior correction officer] [senior high school sudent] [Senior management] [Senior Payroll Tax Analys] [Server] [Server and a teacher] [Server- waitress ] [Server/bartender] [Server/student] [Service] [Service Clerk] [service crew] [service engineer] [Serving The Lord :] [several occupations] [SFT] [Sheet metal mechanic] [Shift Supervisor] [ship chandler] [shipping Port] [shoes seller and repair] [shopkeeper] [Sickness] [singer] [singing] [singing,dancing.] [Sixth form Student] [sleeping] [Small Business Owner] [Social care] [Social Care Manager] [social care worker] [Social Entrepreneur] [Social Service Director] [Social Services] [Social Work] [Social worker] [Social worker/Researcher] [socilworker] [Software] [Software / Business] [Software Architect] [Software Developer] [Software Emp & Student] [Software professional] [soilder] [soldier] [Solicitor] [Solo Parent] [song writer] [Songwitter/singer] [Songwriter] [soon to be college studen] [soon to be employed stude] [Sophomore in High school] [sound and magnetic energy] [Sound Engineer] [Spanish] [Spanish Language Class] [Special Education] [Special Order Specialist] [SPECIALIZED TECHNICIAN] [Speedway] [SPFX Makeup Artist] [Sports] [Sports scientist ] [Sports, languages,culture] [sports,reading, facebook] [Sr. Proposal Specialist] [Staff] [Staff development facilit] [Staff Officer] [Starting out Writer] [State Government] [State worker] [Statistician] [Stay at hom mom] [stay at home] [Stay at home mama] [stay at home mom] [Stay at home mom and Stu] [Stay at home mom, pursuin] [Stay at home mom/Student] [Stay at home mommy] [Stay at home Mother] [Stay at home mum] [Stay at home mummy] [Stay at home pet parent] [Stay at home wife] [Stay at home Wife and Mom] [stay at home wife/ mother] [stay-at-home Dad] [stay-at-home mom] [stay-at-home mother] [Staying Healthy] [sthdent] [Stil a student] [Still a student] [Still at school] [Still in high school] [Still in school] [Still looking for one. ] [Still searching] [Still student😃] [still studying ] [Stock Controller] [Stock market trader] [store keeper] [Storyboarder] [storyteller ] [Strategy/Market Research ] [Stripper/student] [Stroke rehab carer] [Structural Engineer] [student] [student & hostel worker] [student & waitress] [Student 🙈] [Student (middle school)] [Student (Nursing)] [student ,worker] [Student / babysitter] [Student / Exec Assistant] [Student / Family Business] [Student / Restaurant Host] [student /baby&petsitter ] [Student :)] [student :))] [student :3] [student @ college!] [Student and a herbalist] [Student and Independent ] [Student and Mom❤] [Student and musician] [Student and retail] [student and worker] [Student at a University ] [Student at college] [Student at footballer(sco] [Student at school] [student at tms] [Student athlete ] [Student cmd] [Student College] [student currently] [student finished studying] [student I guess ] [Student in High School] [Student in languages] [Student In School] [Student in university ] [Student Intern] [student lol] [Student of High School] [Student of Life] [Student of University] [student studying ICT] [Student Teacher] [Student Worker] [student ^.^] [Student ^^] [Student!] [Student&Customer service] [student(journalist)] [Student, artist] [student, career change] [Student, first year] [Student, Graphic Designer] [Student, Part-Time Nanny] [Student, Welder] [Student- OT] [Student-Athlete] [Student. ] [student. work and study] [student/ at home mom] [Student/ volunteer] [student/actress] [Student/Admitting Rep] [Student/Artist] [Student/Aspiring Artist] [Student/babysitter ] [Student/Cashier] [student/daycare] [Student/Estudiante] [Student/job seeker] [Student/Joiner] [Student/looking for a job] [Student/Musician] [Student/Musician/Artist] [Student/Nursing assistant] [Student/Part Time Driver] [student/piano teacher] [Student/teacher] [Student; Entrepreneur ] [Students ] [Students Recruiting Agent] [Studient] [Studing] [Study] [Studying] [studying (English ;) )] [studying at home] [Studying to be a teacher] [Studying.] [Style Consultant ] [Sub-teacher] [Substitute teacher] [Subway] [sudent] [Sudent of Biomedicine] [sugar company work] [summer camp worker] [summer consuelor] [summer job at campground ] [Supermarket ] [Supervisor] [Supervisor for cleaning ] [Supply Chain management] [Support worker] [Surgeon ] [Surgical aide] [Surviving] [Svc Connected Disabled] [Swim Coach] [Swim Instructor & Student] [swim instructor/lifeguard] [swimming dancing music] [Swimming teacher ] [System administration] [System Administrator] [system Engr. ] [TA and Solo Mum] [Talent Agent ] [Talking ] [Tattoo Apprentice] [tattoo artist] [Tax consultant] [tax inspector] [Tax officer] [Taxatiom] [Taxi driver ] [tea barista ] [Tea her] [Teacher] [teacher and dog trainer] [Teacher and Home Gallery ] [Teacher by profession] [Teacher of Art and Design] [Teacher of Japanese] [teacher of russian lang] [Teacher, stage performer] [teacher, writer, healer] [teacher/artist] [Teacher/Counsellor ] [Teacher/Writer] [teachers] [Teaching] [Teaching /Social worker ] [teaching and farming] [Teaching assistant ] [TEACHING I] [Teaching kids] [teaching the word of God] [team member] [Tech company ] [Technical Consultant] [TECHNICAL SALES] [technical skills] [Technical Specialist] [technical supervisor.] [technician] [tecnician/plant operator] [Telecommunication Eng] [Telecommunication Sales] [Tťlťcommunication SFR ] [Telecommunication technic] [Telecommunications] [tell you later] [Teller] [Temporally field officer] [tennis ] [thats not important] [Theology student] [Therapist] [They're high school ss] [ticket clerk] [Ticketing Agent] [TJmaxx] [Too cool for skool 2k20] [Tool mechanican ] [Tour guide] [tour guiding] [Tour operator] [Tour Operator, planner] [tourism] [Tourism officer] [tourist driver] [Towboater ] [Trade] [Trader] [Trading] [trading and commer expert] [Trading in building mater] [Traffic Flagger ] [Train Conductor] [Train Manager] [train teacher] [Trained teacher ] [trainee] [Trainee Accountant] [Trainee Counsellor ] [trainee in medical asista] [Trainer ] [Training service dogs] [trandser] [Transit driver in Pitt] [Transition student] [translate] [translator] [Translator - Interpreter] [translator- psychologist] [Translator/Merchandiser ] [translator/police officer] [Translator/Teacher] [translator; musician] [Transport manager] [Transportation ] [Transportation / Medical ] [Transportation/Counseling] [travel] [travel agent, travel blog] [Travel and Conservation ] [Travel Writer] [Traveler] [traveling, camping] [travelling swimming] [travelling,reading,preach] [Tri-M] [Truck driver ] [truckdriver] [Trustee] [Truth seeker] [turism office] [Tutor] [U.S. NAVY] [Uber driver] [Uganda] [uh] [Uh student I guess???] [UI Designer] [undergraduate] [unemployed ] [Unemployed Monastic] [Unemployed. Disabled ] [unemployed/disabled] [Unemployed/Retired] [Unemployment] [Uni student ] [Unicore ] [unicorn] [Univ student] [university] [university educator] [university lecturer] [University manager ] [university professor] [University student] [University student at C.U] [unspecified ] [Unternehmensberater] [Upholstery workshop owner] [Upper Management] [US Army] [US Military] [US Navy] [USA] [User experience research] [Utility Lineman] [Varied] [Various] [varsity student] [vendor] [Verkšuferin] [Very Small Business Owner] [Vet. Assistant ] [Veteran advocate] [Veterinary Nurse] [Veterinary Receptionist] [veterinary technician] [videographer] [Violin teacher/performer] [Virtual Assistant] [Visual Artist (Painter)] [Visual Communication] [vocational school] [VOLUNTARY AND RETIRED] [volunteer] [Volunteer eldery people] [Volunteer Projects] [volunteering] [waiter] [Waitress] [waitress and soon to be v] [waitress/manager] [Walking my doggo? 0v0] [walmart and school] [Warehouse ] [Warehouse Associate] [Warehouse Operative] [Warehouse work ] [Warehouse worker] [Was a nurse and midwife] [Was carer, online researc] [was School Psychologist ] [watch moives] [Watch store] [watching netflix] [watress] [Web Design] [Web Designer] [Web Developer] [Web developer, Designer] [web sites] [website owner/business] [Wedding Planner] [welder] [Welder and pipe fitter] [welder/painter] [Welders] [Welding] [Well I write on wattpad] [Wellness Practitioner ] [Wendy's] [Whataburger] [Which one? I have a few.] [Who knows...:-) ] [wife] [wife/mom/student] [Wild cat care taker] [Wildland firefighter] [will tell later] [Will tell you later] [Will tell you when its ti] [Wills] [Wine Saleslady] [wisconsin] [Work and Study] [Work at gymnastics] [Work at offices] [Work from home] [work in a hospital] [Work in a retirement home] [Work in Japanese company] [Work on a bee farm] [Work with children] [worker] [Workforce management] [Working] [Working and studying] [Working From Home ] [working in a Cafe] [working in a kitchen] [working in children play] [Working the till] [Working with kids] [Working with sick childre] [works at home] [Writer] [Writer & singer] [writer and director] [Writer, Architect, Desig ] [Writer, editor, Web guy] [Writer, researcher] [Writer, Teacher] [Writer/ Artist] [Writer/artist] [Writer/editor] [Writer/Guitarist] [Writer/Musician/Sales] [writer/teacher] [Writing] [Writing on a book] [writing photography] [writing stories for kids] [Writing, Poetry] [writter] [Writter and a babysitter] [wyoming] [X-ray tech] [X-Ray Technologist] [Yard Manager] [yard work] [Yardman/driver ] [Year 9 (2020)] [youth pastor] [Youth Worker] [Youth Worker Student] [Youtube] [`civil engineer]

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