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  CONTACT Caitlyn (Lynn) Simpson!

Request posted: 2020-10-28 Request expires: 2025-10-28


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(Female, Age: 16 years, Occupation: High School Student)
My Native Language: English
My Target Language: French (High Beginner)
I live in this Country: USA
Learn English
Learn About USA
About me:
I'm interested in all sciences, but specifically neuroscience (brain stuff). I enjoy school. I am usually an A student. I am a part of my high school marching band, jazz band, and symphonic band. I really enjoy being with people. I'm a class clown, and I'm very talkative. My friends always enjoy being with me because they say I'm very open, funny, and overall enjoyable. I absolutely love Netflix, my favorite shows at the moment are Riverdale, Glee, Cobra Kai, One Day At A Time, and Vampire Diaries. I love movies in general. I love reading, but not if it's for a school assignment. I don't like being FORCED to read haha. I don't have any pets but I'm getting a puppy soon. I used to be a competitive roller skater, and I'm now learning how to skateboard. I have a lot of time on my hands, so I'd love to write to someone.
Music, knitting/sewing, reading, coloring, building things
Favorite Music:
40s, country, pop, R&B, LoFi... basically everything
Favorite Book(s):
Anything written by Stephen King, mystery novels, teen romances
Favorite Movie(s):
Hunger Games, Riverdale, One Day At A Time, anything with Will Smith, Johnny Depp, and/or Adam Sandler
I think a true friend is someone who:
values others, gives tiny gifts out of love and recognition, able to help others in any situation
About the penpal I'd like:
I love to joke around, and would definitely want someone who's funny, but that's kinda hard to do when you're writing. I want someone who's serious about writing with me. I want to learn French, but at the same time, meet someone who is chill and wants to learn English (if they want to learn English). Someone who's interested in music would be great too. I don't care what gender you are. I don't want someone who's a furry (or whatever that's called haha). I'd prefer someone who's definitely social, and not a hermit crab. I prefer snail mail, email doesn't really work for me. I want someone who will send me little trinkets, pictures, etc and expect the same from me. Can't wait to meet you!
(I am Caitlyn (Lynn) Simpson and I want to delete my request.)
(I am Caitlyn (Lynn) Simpson and I want to change my request.)
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