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  CONTACT Hygge_00!

Request posted: 2018-03-13 Request expires: 2023-12-31


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(Female, Age: 24 years, Occupation: student)
My Native Language: Italian
My Target Language: English (High Intermediate)
I live in this Country: Italy
Learn Italian
Learn About Italy
About me:
Hey friends! I'm a simple girl in habits, but complicated with regard to my character. I'm 24 years old and I'm attending the university. My health is a little weak, but I survive:) I really like to realx (the famous latin 'otium') and I often lose track of time. I'm celiac and this is a problem for me because I still have to get used to that. I really like cooking for my family and when I have time I cook very willingly. I also like the order, although my desk looks like a buttlefield. I have a lot of imagination and I consider myself a creative, multifaceted artist. I like reading and writing. I write poetry and I started three novels that are stuffing in my computer. I'd really like to learn how to draw, but It's not one of my skills. I love listening to music and even humming all day. I also really like studying... Math is fun! Languages are one of my greatest passions. I would like to speak a lot of languages (it's a dream) with many different people. I know English, Greek, Latin and a bit of French and Spanish. I'm a sociable and funny girl, but people I know are not interested in languages, so I would like to find some kind and nice friends to share our passions and our knowledge of languages. If you like, I can teach you Italian. I also like being outdoors and playing with my kittens: I live in the countryside and the space around the house is not lacking. Plants and flowers realx me a lot and allow me to meditate. I like watching figure skating in tv and mystery movies. Crimes intrigue me, but not in real life:) I'm a pacifist, although I admire self-defense and martial arts.

Why contact me? I think I'm special (everyone says I'm a strange girl) and the normality is boring. I could positively surprise you and 'color' your life.
I like listening to music, reading books, writing, studying, singing, watching TV, cooking, going out
Favorite Music:
Favorite Book(s):
Home (Larissa behrendt)
Favorite Movie(s):
too many
I think a true friend is someone who:
he doesn't judge you and helps you if you lose your way. A friend laughs with you and not at you.
About the penpal I'd like:
I have no search parameters. I just want my pen pal to be polite and honest. If we want to create something special, you can not wear a mask. I'm a good listener, so I can be a confidant. I can be a good friend, If you're just like me. See you soon!
(I am Hygge_00 and I want to delete my request.)
(I am Hygge_00 and I want to change my request.)
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