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Penpals by Occupation
[ Waitress] [waiter] [Waitress] [waitress and soon to be v] [waitress/manager] [walmart and school] [Warehouse ] [Warehouse Operative] [Warehouse work ] [Warehouse worker] [Was a nurse and midwife] [Was carer, online researc] [Watch store] [watching netflix] [watress] [Web Design] [Web Designer] [Web Developer] [Web developer, Designer] [web sites] [website owner/business] [Wedding Planner] [Welder] [Welder and pipe fitter] [welder/painter] [Welders] [Welding] [Well I write on wattpad] [Wellness Practitioner ] [Wendy's] [Which one? I have a few.] [Who knows...:-) ] [wife] [wife/mom/student] [Wild cat care taker] [Wildland firefighter] [will tell later] [Will tell you later] [Will tell you when its ti] [Wills] [Wine Saleslady] [wisconsin] [Work and Study] [Work at gymnastics] [Work at offices] [Work from home] [work in a hospital] [Work in a retirement home] [Work in Japanese company] [Work with children] [worker] [Workforce management] [Working] [Working and studying] [Working From Home ] [working in a Cafe] [working in children play] [Working the till] [Working with kids] [Working with sick childre] [Writer] [Writer & singer] [writer and director] [Writer, editor, Web guy] [Writer, Teacher] [Writer/ Artist] [Writer/artist] [Writer/editor] [Writer/Guitarist] [Writing] [Writing on a book] [writing photography] [writing stories for kids] [Writing, Poetry] [writter] [Writter and a babysitter] [wyoming]

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