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There are penpals listed with 196 different occupations beginning with 'S'.
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Penpals by Occupation
[SAHM] [sale person ] [Sales] [sales adviser] [Sales and marketing] [sales assistant ] [sales associate] [Sales Executive ] [sales man] [Sales manager] [Sales Person] [Sales/Business] [saleslady] [Saleswoman] [School] [School and college] [School lol] [School student] [schooling ] [Schooling.] [Schüler ] [Scientist] [screenplaywriting teacher] [Screenprinter] [secondary] [Secondary school student] [Secret ] [secretary] [Secretary at a pipeyard] [secretary to a small scal] [Secretary/PA] [Secretary/student] [Security] [Security Controls] [security engineer ] [Security gaurd] [Security Manager] [Security Officer] [seeking work] [self employed] [Self employed cleaning] [self employed support wor] [self occupied] [self-employed] [selfemployed] [selfemployment] [seller] [semi retired] [semi retired MIS mgr] [Seminary President/Pastor] [Senior Secretary] [Server ] [Server and a teacher] [service] [service crew] [service engineer] [Sheet metal mechanic] [Shift Supervisor] [ship chandler] [shipping Port] [Sign Language Interpreter] [singer] [singer/songwriter] [singing] [SLP] [Small Business Owner] [smoking weed tester] [social care worker] [Social Media Manager] [social service] [Social Service Director] [Social Services] [Social Worker] [Social worker/Researcher] [socilworker] [Software] [Software / Business] [Software Dev] [Software Developer] [Software Emp & Student] [Software professional] [soilder] [Solicitor] [Solo Parent] [something with taxes :)] [song writer] [Songwitter/singer] [Songwriter] [Sonographer] [soon 2 be college student] [soon to be college studen] [sorority mom and cook] [sound and magnetic energy] [Spanish] [Special Order Specialist] [SPECIALIZED TECHNICIAN] [SPFX Makeup Artist] [Sports] [Sports scientist ] [Sports, languages,culture] [sports,reading, facebook] [staff of Catholic order.] [Staff Officer] [stained glass artist] [State worker] [Stay at home mom] [Stay at home Mommy] [Stay at home mother] [Stay at home mum] [Stay at home mummy] [Stay at home pet parent] [Stay at home Wife and Mom] [stay-at-home Dad] [stay-at-home mother] [sthdent] [Stil a student] [Still a student] [Still at school] [Still In School] [Still looking for one. ] [Still student😃] [still studying] [Stock Clerk] [Storyboarder] [Stripper/student] [Studengt] [student ] [student & hostel worker] [Student 😓] [Student (hs)] [Student , web designer] [student ,worker] [Student - 学生] [Student / babysitter] [Student / Exec Assistant] [Student / Family Business] [Student / Restaurant Host] [student /baby&petsitter ] [student :)] [Student and a herbalist] [Student and mangaka] [Student and Mom❤] [Student and musician] [Student and retail] [student and worker] [Student at college] [Student at High School] [Student at school] [Student College] [student currently] [student I guess ] [Student in High School] [Student in languages] [Student n searching for j] [student nurse] [Student of High School] [Student of Life] [Student of university] [Student or part timer] [Student Teacher] [Student ^^] [student(journalist)] [student, career change] [Student, Model] [Student, Part-Time Nanny] [Student, Welder] [Student. ] [student. work and study] [student/ at home mom] [Student/fast food worker] [Student/Musician] [Student/Office Worker] [Student/Part Time Driver] [Student/waitress] [Student:makerere universi] [Student; Entrepreneur ] [studentessa ] [Students] [Studient] [studing] [Study] [Studying] [studying (English ;) )] [studying at home] [Studying.] [Subway] [sudent] [sugar company work] [supervisor] [Supervisor for non profit] [Supply Chain management] [Supply Teacher] [Support Worker] [Svc Connected Disabled] [system administrator] [system Engr. ]

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