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Penpals by Occupation
[ i am homeschooled] [i get disability] [i am a computer scientist] [I am a student] [I am a student at uni.] [I am an public prosecuter] [I am an RN, BSN] [I am currently in college] [I am in school :D] [i dispatcher] [I do not need to work] [I don t have job] [I don't have a job.I'm 13] [I don't work] [I dont have a job] [I dont work] [I donít have a job ] [I donít have a job oop] [i donít have one :)] [I donít have one lol] [I go to school] [I have 3] [I have no job :)] [I have one] [I just have a part time ] [I like creating some app] [i love playing video game] [i m a retiree] [I own small canteen busin] [I paint faces at a market] [I rather not say] [I run a steel company] [I serach] [I still go to school] [I wanna be a Criminologis] [I will tell in my emails] [i work at a candle store ] [I work at a Hamburger bar] [I work at a local bakery] [I work at a resort] [i work at a roller rink] [I work at a stable] [I work at lowes] [I work at Mcdonalds] [I work at Subway] [I work in a cabinet shop] [I work in a restaurant] [I work in fast food] [I work with children] [I would rather not say] [I'd rather not say] [I'm a High School Student] [I'm a highschool student] [I'm a student] [I'm a student :)] [I'm a student.] [I'm at school] [I'm in a high school] [I'm in high school.] [I'm in school duh] [I'm looking for a job] [I'm still in highschool] [i'm still in school] [I'm still student] [I'm still studying] [I,am self employed.] [i.t] [I.T Expert] [I.T Technician] [Ice skating coach/ school] [ICT] [ICT Administrator] [Idk] [Illustrator ] [Im a college student] [Im a dance teacher ] [Im a full time student] [im a student] [Im a student 10th grade] [im still at school (T^T)] [Im still in school] [Im studying] [immigration assistant ] [in an office ] [in multinational Company] [in nursing school] [in prison] [in school ] [In the Government] [In Training] [Incarcerated] [Incarcerated Book Author] [incarcerated inmate] [Incaserated] [incercerated] [Industrial Cleaning] [infirmier ] [Informatics Student] [Informatics teacher] [information technology] [Inmate ] [Inmate # 1429245] [Instructor] [Instrument Technician] [Insurance Agent] [Insurance handler] [Insurance Officer] [Insurance Underwriter] [Internal Sales] [International Business] [International Studies] [International travelling ] [Interpreting] [Investigator] [investment banker] [investment manager] [investor] [IT] [IT / Computers] [IT Consultant ] [IT Consulting] [IT Coordinator] [IT Engineer] [IT Equipment supplier] [IT Expert] [IT FREELANCE PROJECT MANA] [IT Grad] [IT Hardware /Software Eng] [IT Presales] [IT Professional] [IT QA Analyst] [IT Specialist] [IT Support technician] [IT Technician] [IT/Computers] [ITAcademic Lyceum student] [Iím a full time student ] [Iím a student] [Iím in school :)] [Iím still going to school]

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