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Penpals by Occupation
[ construction technician] [ Customer Service] [Canon Digital Tech] [Care giver] [Care Support Worker] [Care worker] [Caregiver] [caregiver to the disabled] [Carer] [Carer for children ] [Carer for disabled son] [Carer for my wife] [Carer for nurse plus.] [Caretaker] [Carpenter ] [Case Manager] [Cashier] [Cashier at a pet store] [Cashier at ValleyFair] [Caster lead] [Category Manager] [catering assistant] [Catering services. ] [Central Banker] [Certified Nurse's Assista] [Certified Nursing Aide] [Certified Pharmacy Tech] [charity work] [chauffer ] [chef] [Chemist] [Chief Personnel Clerk] [child care] [child care & school] [Child Care Provider ] [Childcare provider] [Chilling out] [christian lifestyle] [Church planter] [Circus Performer] [Civil Draftsman] [civil engineer] [Civil Engineering] [Civil Servant] [classical ballet] [cleaner] [Cleaning] [Cleaning Lady ] [Cleaning office buildings] [clearing agent] [clerk] [Clerk/admin] [clinical chemist] [Clinical medical assistan] [Clinical Officer] [clinician] [Cna ] [CNA and Home Health Aid] [Coach & Sports Adm.] [Cocktail waitress] [Coffeeee.] [collage] [Collage student] [Collector] [College ] [College Student] [College student, CNA] [college teacher] [Communications Consultant] [Communications officer] [Communications Specialist] [Community Social worker] [Company director] [company Owner] [Compliance Administrator] [Computer engineer] [Computer geek] [Computer IT ] [Computer Operator] [computer programmer] [computer related] [computer researcher ] [Computer science ] [Computer science student ] [Computer Scientist] [Computer stu] [Computer Tech] [Computer Tech.] [computer technician] [construction ] [construction cum driver] [construction manager] [construction n driver] [Construction supervisor ] [Consultant] [contractor] [Contractor/Architect ] [cook] [Cook & waitress] [cook/server] [cookbookwriter to be] [cooker] [Cooking, writing] [Coordinator] [Corporate Event Managemen] [Correctional Officer] [Correctional/Prison Offic] [Cosmetic sales] [Cosmetology instructor] [COSTUMER SERVICE] [Counselor] [Courier] [Court recorder] [crane operator] [Creative Director] [Crèche teacher ] [Crew trainer (McDonald's)] [cs major student] [CSR] [CSR at a Bank] [Currently disabled] [Currently Unemployed] [custmer service] [Customer Care Rep] [Customer Care Specialist] [Customer Service] [Customer Service Rep] [Customer Service rep.] [customer service/ retail] [Customs officer]

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