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Request posted: 2017-06-27 Request expires: 2022-06-27


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(Female, Age: 31 years, Occupation: Accommodation manager)
My Native Language: Estonian
My Target Language: English (Low Intermediate)
I live in this Country: Estonia
Learn Estonian
Learn About Estonia
About me:
I'm a very open, positive, naive (but still smart enough to face the reality) and honest person. Humour is the key for communicating with me but I also love long deep conversations. I love learning languages (know more-less 5 at the moment), travelling, cooking and of course music. Music is something I could not be without. Some probably say I'm weird as I tend to think differently than majority but I myself consider it as my strength, and I know who I am.
Cooking, psychology, photography, learning languages, travelling, other cultures, history, music, dancing... Oh so much more! :)
Favorite Music:
Almost everything, depending on my mood. I could listen to classical music, pop, jazz, blues, hiphop, rap, d&b, techno..
Favorite Book(s):
Remarque books
Favorite Movie(s):
Green Mile, Accepted, Cruel Intentions, A Walk to Remember... And loads of comedies!
I think a true friend is someone who:
Is as open about everything to you as you are to them, someone you can go to even in the middle of the night when you have your worst hangover. A true friend never judges and that gives you always a reason to run just to that person years after years.
About the penpal I'd like:
Hi you reading this! I'm here looking for a penpal to practise my English (or Dutch, Swedish, German), to learn more about different cultures etc. But I think what more I'm looking for is to communicate with people from all over the world and maybe really find some true and awesome friends to talk about anything (no, I'm not lacking of friends but I think it's great to meet other great people like me :P). I'm into talking about fun stuff, serious stuff. Deep conversations are interesting and I could do that for hours! Someone that is open, honest and has a great sense of humor (sarcasm is my thing). If I can't make any jokes I'm out! :P I'd prefer men over 28yrs but really anyone can write me (the age does not matter until you have something to talk about)! Countries do not matter but I am curious about America (north- south both). I'm not looking for any romance (I have a family) but a great new friend/aquaintant I could share my thoughts with and viece versa. I guess in a way to make this world better and happier by being someone to you you could trust and talk to. You can learn a lot from another person if you pay attention :) PS! I love snail mail so if you're up for it, yay! Greetings from Estonia (it's ok if you don't know where it is :P), S.
(I am Silja and I want to delete my request.)
(I am Silja and I want to change my request.)
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