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  CONTACT Zeina!

Request posted: 2016-02-06 Request expires: 2021-02-06


Click here to contact Zeina!
(Female, Age: 19 years, Occupation: Translator)
My Native Language: Arabic
My Target Language: Japanese (High Beginner)
I live in this Country: Not Disclosed
Learn Arabic

About me:
I'm just your average girl, except I talk a lot and I'm kinda strange. I like making people laugh, I enjoy the Walking Dead. Whenever I find that Detective Conan is on, I watch the episode. I enjoy learning odd trivia no one is really interested in since I am of the opinion that it's the details that matter. I think basketball is the best ever, and I love video games.
Writing, reading, video games, theme parks, basketball.
Favorite Music:
My favorite is any kind of rock (Bump of Chicken, The Used, The Fray, Rascal Flats, like one or two songs of Bon Jovi, etc.) But I listen to a wide variety of genres. Music is pretty wicked.
Favorite Book(s):
War & Peace, Heidi.
Favorite Movie(s):
Whisper of the Heart
I think a true friend is someone who:
respects and accepts others. Also, funny.
About the penpal I'd like:
I'd love to find friends on here to practice Japanese with. Oh, and I'm pretty good at speaking English so if you need help with that, I'm totally up for it. I don't mind if you're a native or not, just that you can speak the language well. よろし くお願いします!

Sorry, no men.
(I am Zeina and I want to delete my request.)
(I am Zeina and I want to change my request.)

  CONTACT Heewon!

Request posted: 2016-01-16 Request expires: 2021-01-16


Click here to contact Heewon!
(Female, Age: 25 years, Occupation: translator)
My Native Language: Korean
My Target Language: Russian (Advanced)
I live in this Country: Korea (South)
Learn Korean
Learn About Korea (South)
About me:
Hi! My name is Heewon from S.korea and i am a traslator of Russian. I live in the small city near Seoul with my family. In my free time, i like watch american tv series, knitting and so on. I like traveling too but recently i don't have time for this, so i can not. I've been to Russia,Ukraine,Japan,China and Taiwan.
penpal, watching dramas, knitting
Favorite Book(s):
Favorite Movie(s):
cinema paradiso
About the penpal I'd like:
I am looking for penpal friends basically from Russian speak countries because my english is not good. But if you can understand me, we can be friends. I prefer snail mail long relationship(handwriting) than e-mail penpal. Please send me a mail if you want!
(I am Heewon and I want to delete my request.)
(I am Heewon and I want to change my request.)
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