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Request posted: 2016-03-29 Request expires: 2021-03-29


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(Female, Age: 23 years, Occupation: Software Emp & Student)
My Native Language: Telugu
My Target Language: English (Advanced)
I live in this Country: India
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About me:
Woah, I think I already revealed a bit of myself in the sections above. Nevertheless, here we go again.

The concept of pen-pal always intrigued me, ever since I heard it from my Mom. There is something sweet and simple about it. A hint of mystery and excitement - like an adventure. Well, a virtual and emotional one, maybe.

So, here I am after I hit 23. To see if I'd be lucky enough to find a pal, sharing our views..long meaningful deep conversations or just silly short rambles.You know, just someone to talk to.
Reading, writing, a bit of sketching, singing, sometimes dancing, err..sleeping, watching films, going on long rides yeah, pretty much all the happy-go-stuff. Oh, eating ice-creams! I love 'em.
Favorite Music:
Most of the times its melody and soft rock. It kinda depends on my mood.
Favorite Book(s):
A lot once again. I read a lot, so listing a few would be difficult. I pretty much read anything&everything apart the biographies, auto-biographies and psycho thrillers. I dont do dark.
Favorite Movie(s):
A Lot! Mostly romantic films, not necessarily chick flicks and cheesy ones, sci-fics, thrillers, investigations, action packed but ones that involve humans for most part not just the machines and graphics, and oh, I love horror. Disney animated ones too!
I think a true friend is someone who:
Would be the hand catching you when you'd fall. Someone who'd stay with you, understand you and guide you through your thick and thin. Someone who'l know you better than yourself. Someone who'l bring d best of u n show u d beauty of living.
About the penpal I'd like:
I would like to make friends who would email me, like frequently and in good lengths. Coz 1: I respond pretty quick and 2: I talk in paragraphs. Or rather, write in paragraphs.

I cant completely describe what talking to me would be like, coz..I believe everyone of us have varied shades. I do too. But rest assured, I am open-minded. I know how it feels to be on the receiving side, so yeah, I never judge.

I like the way people differ from one another and yet have some or the other striking similarity between them. Though I am pretty much to myself till someone really breaks the ice in the real world, in the virtual world, when it comes to writing, I think I talk a lot.

So, if you find anything similar or interesting, drop me a mail, but make sure u give enough information about yourself. You know, like name, age, gender, country...all that basic stuff.

Ok, I think I should stop my ramble now. So, yeah, if you wanna make a simple, genuine email pal, hop in. Lets get talking.

If you've read this far, dont forget to smile. :) Its really good for you.

Be happy. Stay safe and strong.

P.S: No intimacy or sexual intentions, buds. I just need a talk to, you know, to have a chat by the end of the day...something as simple as that.
(I am ColdMist and I want to delete my request.)
(I am ColdMist and I want to change my request.)
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