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Request posted: 2016-11-21 Request expires: 2017-11-21


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(Female, Age: 55 years, Occupation: Retired S Worker/Policy )
My Native Language: English
My Target Language: Any (Low Beginner)
I live in this Country: Australia
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About me:
Gíday Iím an Aussie woman in my mid 50ís. Iíve recently retired and Iím looking for an email penfriend from Wyoming, Montana, Sth Dakota or Colorado, preferably someone living in a small town, rural community or ranch.

I plan to travel to these parts within the next 18 months for 6 months and Iíd like to make a friend or two before I arrive.

Being an Aussie, predictably I have already travelled all over the world and lived in numerous countries. Iíve been to the USA twice before when I was in my early 30ís and studying in Canada. Unlike many Aussies I have also travelled all over my own country.

I couldnít have children and instead I had a high flying career so I am more than financially independent (and plan to stay that way!). It would be nice to hear from someone who has their own family and who is close to them and would like to share details of your daily life.

My values are definitely liberal which I know is not common in this part of the USA but for me sharing or at least understanding the basis of someones values, no matter the kind of friendship is essential. Although I was raised a Catholic I now consider myself an atheist and through my travels have learnt to be respectful of and interested in ALL cultures and religions.

Physically Iím petite, active, healthy, fit and in good shape with a beaming smile and have been told many times that I donít look anywhere near my age. Iím also cheeky with a wickedly typical Aussie sense of humour which sometimes borders on dangerous.

I like many kinds of music (happy to receive lots of recommendations about good country music) cos the only country artist I know of at present is Keith Urban. Iím a keen dancer especially modern jive, swing and Latin Ė and sad to say I have never two stepped or boot skooted in my life! I love the internet because it enables me to learn about so many different things in this world.

I love reading and writing. I also love DSLR photography and all kinds of watersports such as scuba diving and have done this in many different parts of the world. I also enjoy hiking in the woods but I am not so keen on bears!!!

Its been a long time but I also enjoyed both cross country and downhill skiing when in North America. I have never been on an all terrain snow mobile but I once regularly pillioned on the back of a 4WD quad in Aussie National Parks.

The sad news is I donít know one end of a horse from the other and am a bit afraid of them because they are so big compared to me but I absolutely love animals (and hence don't eat any mammals!).

Iím looking for a penpal who is willing to invest the time to develop a friendship as an email penpal. Perhaps if we feel comfortable and curious then maybe we could Skype and talk in person to get to know one another better Ė and I have no doubt my accent (which is VERY broad) will amuse you no end.
Photgraphy, reading, writing, hiking, watersports
Favorite Music:
Leonard Cohen, Jazz,
Favorite Book(s):
Anything by John Irving
Favorite Movie(s):
Great drama and oldies
I think a true friend is someone who:
Is there for you even when your life goes to hell in a handbag
About the penpal I'd like:
I am looking for an email penpal between 48 and 58 from Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana or Colorado in the USA - preferably living in a smaller town as I want to learn about life in such a place. If you are married and looking for a frisky woman to flirt with or someone to just send sleazy emails to Ė then please move on Ė I know my worth and believe in exclusivity and fidelity and am not interested in being anyoneís part time or secret on line flirtation.
(I am SweetAussieHellion and I want to delete my request.)
(I am SweetAussieHellion and I want to change my request.)
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