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Request posted: 2016-08-21 Request expires: 2021-08-21


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(Female, Age: 27 years, Occupation: Nurse apprenticeship)
My Native Language: Spanish
My Target Language: English (Advanced)
I live in this Country: Germany
Learn Spanish
Learn About Germany
About me:

Spaniard in Germany, 27, just started going back to school to become a nurse. Any other nurses here? Feel free to write! It is nice to hear others' stories.

I'd like to find female penpals, 23 - 30, from the UK, Ireland, Australia, NZ, Canada and the US. If you think we could get on well, write anyway. Right now e-mail would be the best option but if we become really, really good friends, we can move onto handwritten letters. Oh, and I don't wanna lie: I have a life outside of the internet so sometimes it might take a bit longer to answer, so please, be patient. Maybe 2 e-mails/month, what do you think?

In my free time I like to watch series (Desperate Housewives, Jane the Virgin, Friends,...), going for walks, listening to music, it makes cleaning enjoyable, eating (cooking not that much),...

I am an introvert and in the last few years I've somehow managed to close myself up and I find it hard to make friends. I am nice and friendly and have no problem talking to others, but after a bit I run out of things to say. I am not into small talk, I prefer talking about things that are - in my eyes - important, but most people only care about shopping and going out. I want to change the world and I am looking for people who want to do the same. What do you do every single day to help other living beings in this planet?

What are the things that you would like to do if money wasn't a problem? What is your dream job? What would your dream house/apartment look like? What would a perfect day look like? If you had all the money in the world to do anything you want, what would a day or two days in your life look like?

Anyone here who is studying languages/philosophy?

Tell me your secrets =)

Hmmm... What else can I say? I guess you could just write and find out more =D

If you don't know what to say in the first e-mail, there are plenty of things to ask or just answer one of these questions (or more, or all of them):

-What is your mission? -Can people change? -You are lucky; how so or not so? -What inspires you? -Are you a leader or a follower? -Are you holding a grudge? About? -Do you need a break? From what? -What makes "you" you? -What do you want to forget? -Who do you want to be? -What is your biggest obstacle right now? -What's the last dream you remember? -What would you like to ask your mother/father? -What is true? - What do you not want to talk about? - Who do you aspire to be like? - What is your secret passion? - Write down a fact you recently learned. - What do you want to say when someone asks "what do you do"? - If you could have a super power, what would it be?

(Questions from "Q&A 5 year journal").
Food (vegan), walks, movies/TV shows, music,...
Favorite Music:
Rock, D&B, dubstep, techno, minimal electro, alternative, pop, Irish music,...
Favorite Book(s):
Language books, classics
Favorite Movie(s):
Back to the future, Harry Potter,...
About the penpal I'd like:
No one from Africa (bad experiences) -No marriage proposals -No naked stuff -No asking for money, unless you want to send it to me -No religious talks to try and convince me that your god is the real one out of the 234873429837 existing ones.
(I am Clementine and I want to delete my request.)
(I am Clementine and I want to change my request.)
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