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Request posted: 2018-02-25 Request expires: 2023-02-25


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(Female, Age: 28 years, Occupation: Coordinator)
My Native Language: Tagalog (Filipino)
My Target Language: English (Near-native)
I live in this Country: Philippines
Learn Tagalog (Filipino)
Learn About Philippines
About me:
I am 28 years old living and working in Manila as Coordinator in a university research office. I like sending postcards to random people around the world. I like writing letters too and send it to my friends but I still don't get a reply from them!! Lol I think it is just me who like doing this kind of stuff. But they get to enjoy receiving letters, cards from me. Hehe.. Anyway, I like the process of doing it not the reward. But sometimes I wonder how I would feel to get letters from a friend (I am not sure a card from my friend counts) . I haven't received any letters yet even from a stranger. Anyway, I am not here to ask for that. Hehe.. I am just saying I like postcards and letters.

I am in between of quite and talkative person. Talkative when around my friends but get shy with new people. I have dogs, like reading books but now I have to read modules for my online IP class. I am enjoying it and that's a relief *phew*

I'd like to write anything under the sun a nd rain lol. I'd like to start to have a dialogue what ever topics come up. Humour is just right under my sleeves and I can be so serious and I like to ask deep questions. Sometimes you might find it silly hehe.. Kidding.
Postcards, letters, reading, film festivals, theatrical plays
Favorite Music:
Ed Sheeran of course, Country music, pop, R&B, acoustic, alternative rock, backstreet boys
Favorite Book(s):
Outlander, Vampire Academy, fantasy, romance, dystopia, contemporary, classics
Favorite Movie(s):
Shawshark redemption, Rudy, Pretty Woman, Pride and Prejudice etc
I think a true friend is someone who:
Will stick through thick and thin. He or she and I will be friends til we gets old
About the penpal I'd like:
I'd like to have a good conversation with someone. In short, I like to write something or anything and read what you have to say. I always find something interesting in someone and learn from that person and I hope he or she learns from me too. It would be fun if you get my humour so both of us would laugh so hard while reading our dialogue. I hope you don't mind telling my days and I wouldnt mind reading yours too.

For age, I think I like having a conversation with older guys because I find them very mature and I could learn from their experiences. It would be nice to have a dialogue with English speaking person. I only speak 2 languages.

If you're a person who just want someone to listen to you I can be that person as well but I don't give advices. Just your listener and maybe sometimes tell you my own experiences related to yours.

If you find this ad interesting and you want to have a dialogue with me, I am much more than happy to reply back.

Have a great day.
(I am Fel and I want to delete my request.)
(I am Fel and I want to change my request.)
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