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Request posted: 2016-09-25 Request expires: 2021-09-25


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(Female, Age: 51 years, Occupation: Customer Service)
My Native Language: English
My Target Language: Any (Low Beginner)
I live in this Country: Australia
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About me:
Hi Everyone

I am a an almost 52 year old woman,living in

Australia.By choice I am single & childless Ė

never really had much interest in either, but

have just come out of a long term relationship &

loving it.

I am looking for snail mail pals only & am

totally uninterested in any type of social media.

Increasingly it seems to be the bane of the

modern world. I am extremely well

travelled,travel being one of my three obsessionsÖ

Books & music are the other two. I almost think I

should simply buy a bookshop & be done with it.I

have many interests among others,museums , road

trips, marine & and environmental sciences (

layman level) ,history,being outside as opposed

to being inside, the beach,gardening,animal

welfare . And the list goes on forever.I love

music & love seeing bands in both small & big

venues Ė music seems to be in my blood.I have no

interest in religion Iím a total atheist but

donít mind discussing more taboo subjects such

as religion & politics as long as it stays

respectful.Iím not into art & craft,have no

patience for them & I donít have an artistic bone

in my body.However,I do collect Dr Marten boots &

have more pairs than I will ever admit to

owning.I have lived away from Australia for many

years & will always appreciate a vast wilderness

to a city in a heartbeat. I grew up in oneÖOK.

Iím a loyal friend, sometimes stupid, sometimes

frighteningly astute & have the heart of a 15

year old.I donít mind making friends with

mums,but as I donít have children I may have

trouble relating to constant talk of kids..I have

no real age group preferred,I donít put

restrictions on my pals,like so many adds you

see, but I do prefer a medium length letter on

say an A4 page Ė short letters on small notepaper

donít get me going Iím afraid.Sometimes I type,

sometimes handwrite & am fine with either from

new pals. I prefer regularity rather than once in

a blue moon type pals Ė the more regular you

are,then so am I.

Thatís it folks,in a nutshell, hoping to hear

from some lovely new people.

Music,photography,books,movies,travel,gardens,museums,politics,history,the environment.
Favorite Music:
Mostly rock,but also love gospel & the blues.
Favorite Book(s):
Again..too many to list.Fave suthors,James Lee Burke,HannahKent,Stephen King,Charlaine Harris,Elizabeth George,Ann Rule.
Favorite Movie(s):
Way too many to list lol.
I think a true friend is someone who:
Who will always go along with my crazy ideas.
About the penpal I'd like:
Don't mind men or women,would love to have

friends from the UK.I absolutely do not any

contac through social media.Snail mail only

(I am Mairwen and I want to delete my request.)
(I am Mairwen and I want to change my request.)
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