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Request posted: 2016-03-12 Request expires: 2021-03-12


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(Female, Age: 46 years, Occupation: Aspiring writer !)
My Native Language: English
My Target Language: Any (Low Beginner)
I live in this Country: Australia
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About me:
G'day my name is Cathy. About myself : I love music,singing, enjoy dancing,drawing and reading both fiction and non fiction. I have a cat whom I love very much. I am single with no children. Just seeking friendship with a pen pal. I am an outgoing person. I always find something new and interesting in each new day. I must confess that I enjoy shopping! Especially for new music or clothes. I like to dress in a feminine and individual way. I really enjoy eating chocolates. I like going out to cafés with my friends. I enjoy trivia nights and I do very well when there is a music round. I like to sing to people. I really enjoy singing solo and I don't get nervous at all! I especially enjoy singing songs from musicals. I like to read about astronomy and psychology. I like scientific magazines. I also like to read about popular music history. I am learning to play piano. I compose some music on piano. I mostly eat vegetarian food though I do eat some fish. I don't eat meat. I used to but gave up eating meat last year. I like most insects,spiders and other small creatures. I don't play any sports. I walk and dance to keep fit. The closest I come to weight lifting is carrying the groceries home! I enjoy watching some sports. Australian Rules football ( I barrack for Carlton. ), golf and snooker, diving, gymnastics, tennis, basketball. My all time favourite tv show is Bewitched. I enjoy Friends, Castle, The Young and The Restless, Pretty Little Liars,Keeping Up Appearances, I Dream Of Jeannie, Matlock,Poirot, Hart Of Dixie and Hart To Hart. I love to listen to various radio stations, some of which I stream . Radio music programming really interests me. I wish I could choose the music for a radio station. I would give the listeners real variety! I could waffle on a bit more about myself but I think I have said enough about me for now. I am looking forward to your reply and reading about your interests.
Favorite Music:
80's, pop,rock,country,dance,classical,jazz
Favorite Book(s):
Pride And Prejudice, The Blue Castle
Favorite Movie(s):
Singin' In The Rain, Vertigo, Gone With The Wind
I think a true friend is someone who:
Cares, is understanding,non judgemental
About the penpal I'd like:
G'day my name is Cathy.I would like male pen pals aged 30 to 65 who have some religious / spiritual beliefs. Also a pen pal who can write well in English. Someone who is honest about what sort of person they are. Someone who is understanding and non judgemental. Someone who is kind towards people of other races,religions and beliefs. A caring animal lover. A gentle person. Someone who can appreciate the beauty in nature. A music lover. Perhaps someone who enjoys reading. Someone who enjoys learning about different peoples, cultures and beliefs. The sort of sport my preferred pen pal would play would be something like golf or pool,basketball, tennis or they might be a swimmer ,diver or gymnast. I wouldn't mind if my pen pal didn't play any sport at all. I would like someone who is generally cheerful and who has an optimistic outlook on life. What I don't want in a pen pal : No females, No atheists. No one with a crude sense of humour. Definitely want someone polite and kind.
(I am Cathy and I want to delete my request.)
(I am Cathy and I want to change my request.)
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