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Our system is set up so that when you post a request to the system, no one can see your email address on the web. Instead, your posting will be assigned a unique ID number which will be associated with your email address in our database. When someone wishes to contact you regarding your posting, we will not give them your address. Instead, we give them a form to fill out and will email you based on your unique ID in the background. At that time, you will be able to choose whether or not to respond to the contact or not. If you do not choose to respond, the sender will not have your email address.

When you contact someone who has posted a request on the site, we send them an email using your email address as the From address, so they may respond to you. We do not otherwise collect or store email addresses of people contacting penpals listed on the site, unless the owner of the email address is banned. In this case, we do keep a list of email addresses that have been banned from the site, in order to prevent them from using the site. We do not use these emails for any other purpose.

All information posted in public profiles is posted to the public website EXCEPT your email address, which is kept hidden. This information may show up in search engines. Please consider using a nickname or handle instead of your real name if you do not want this information to be visible.

We will not sell your email address to any third party, ever.

We will not reveal your email address to anyone other than local, state, or federally authorized law enforcement personnel in the course of an investigation. (Or, of course, if you choose to email someone on the site. :-))

In compliance with the Child Online Protection Act (COPA), we do not solicit any personal information from any child under 13. We do not allow any child under 13 to use the site. If we discover that we have collected information from a child under 13, that information is deleted from the site. We keep only sufficient information on file for the single purpose of preventing further such use of the site by that user.

When you post your request, you may determine whether or not we may contact you when your post expires, for site updates, or not at all. We will not contact you by email unless you have specifically asked us to do so when posting your request, and we will only do so in the manner you choose.

The Pen Pal system will send an automatic email to you when you sign up in order to verify that you signed up yourself. This is to prevent others from signing people up without their consent. The Pen Pal system will also email you when someone wishes to contact you regarding your request.

The Management is a strong believer in preserving your online privacy. We are happy that we now have the technology to hide your email address from our penpal listings.

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