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On 2018-08-08 Silly Chatter posted:
> No men! As I wrote nothing against men,
> I have one LOL and that keeps him
> happy. Straight ladies only so friendship only. Ladies
> that wants someone to chat online with them
> without bad language and with a silly sense
> of humor and that loves animals and that
> don't like them being mistreated and wants them
> properly cared for! Would love chat friends that
> also love supporting other ladies. Ladies that don't
> think it's whining to need a ear to
> listen and a shoulder to lean on. I
> don't call it whining when we tell our
> friends about our bad luck. I call it
> SHARING with each other the good and the
> not so good in life. Real friends will
> always want to know how you really are
> and care how you really are. Laughing together,
> crying together, being there for each other, that's
> what friendship is about. Make sure if you
> email me that you include what I wrote
> that had you contact me so I will
> know you actually read this LOL I will
> not reply to anyone that didn't read my
> profile here because most likely it would be
> from a scammer or a man and I
> don't reply to either. Also, how else would
> I know you share the same interests I
> do unless you let me know what I
> have written that we have in common.
Please write a message of your own to this person, so that they will know why you are contacting them. Tell them a little bit about yourself, and why you're contacting them. (Important: Be sure to include your age, country, and whether you are male or female! Some penpals have chosen to have their messages reviewed by the Penpal Party moderation team and there is no way to know if this person has chosen that or not: if they have stated specific requests, and you do not include your age/gender/location, the moderators will delete your message!).

If you can tell them what you liked about their profile, or why you picked them, they will be more likely to write back! At least try to indicate that you did read their profile. Please do not just put "Hi. Want to be my penpal?" because nobody wants to answer that kind of message. :-)

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